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Investment Partners of America

darrell jones - founder/ceo/partner

Darrell’s first career out of college ended abruptly when he suffered a career ending injury after playing five years of Professional Football . After successfully managing money for several teammates and professional athletes, Darrell soon after became a Financial Advisor concentrating his investment selections in undervalued and distressed companies. Over a span of two decades Darrell prudently provided Professional Money Management and Project Funding for Wealthy Families, Family Offices, Businesses and Institutional Investors.

After retiring and selling a successful Florida Based Advisory Business, Darrell again focused his investment talents on opportunistic undervalued real estate investing. Over the last 15 years, Darrell has gained extensive experience in all phases of construction, marketing, selling, real estate funding, and managing various types of commercial real estate in the Southeast United States, Central America, and South America. Prior to founding IPOA, Darrell spent almost three years as VP of Assets with Westgate Resorts, LTD overseeing the worldwide real estate assets of David Siegel and Westgate Resorts, the worlds largest private timeshare resort company.

Haley Jones - creative/technology

Haley manages IPOA's Technology Department. She oversees our website, all print communications, various

publications, and all internal web security programs.

allison jones - office manager

Allison supports IPOA's company operations by maintaining office systems and supervising staff.

Gus the pug - the main dog

Gus has been an important family member for many years and continues to be the brain trust behind the company.

Bryce Phillips - marketing/creative

Bryce coordinates IPOA's acquisition marketing department which manages our day to day property search programs

that provides us with our various acquisition targets. Bryce also manages our property sales and marketing creative

team that features video, still pictures, website images, and other various sales and marketing information.