Since 1987 Investment Partners of America principles or their affiliates have worked with foreign investment partners from many countries

from around the world. We have worked with investment partners from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, India, Israel,

UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Mexico,

Dominican Republic, Virgin Islands, and Canada, as well as many within the United States.

In some cases we may have a person in our organization that may speak a prospective partners language. If not, we will be glad to find an interpreter to assist us with a business discussion with you.

Investor/partner Information

prospective Partners 

​​​​​With decades of real estate experience behind them, the principles of Investment Partners of America founded the company to partner with foreign and domestic investment

partners with undervalued, safe, high quality, real estate investment opportunities within the United States. Investment criteria decisions are typically a conservative play on extreme value investing by purchasing high quality real estate assets that may be temporarily out of favor, distressed, or simply market depressed.

Ipoa's five investment criteria:

​When doing our due diligence on a possible investment opportunity for a client we follow the following simple IPOA due diligence guidelines:

1)  The property should produce a safe consistent income stream whenever possible 
2)  The property must be in good overall condition with minimum repair needed 
3)  The property should be a viable product with current market demand 
4)  The acquisition price needs to be a low valuation versus its comparables
5)  In our exit strategy, we want the property to have attractive future appreciation 

If you would like to speak with us about some of our current Investment opportunities we are considering here in the United States, please
go to our contact page and fill out the questionnaire or simply give us a call at 407-509-0121.

Telephone: 407-509-0121


Investment Partners of America

High Current IncomeHigh Quality AssetsCapital Appreciation
                          Minimum 5%                                                       A or B Rated                                                 Controlled Risk