Investment Partners of America

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We offer the following services:   

Seed Capital Financing

Bridge Loan / Gap Financing

Equity Financing

Expansion / Growth Capital          

Joint Venture Partners/Financing

Mergers Financing    

Turnaround Financing

EB-5 Investor Green Cards​

EB-5 Regional Centers

Over the years we have built an extensive list of Institutional clients. Our client base allows us to gauge what buying interest we can find when a business owner is considering selling all or a portion of their business. Additionally, we can also confidentially assist them with

buying other businesses, divisions, or product lines.

Institutional and Foreign Acquisition Partners
Institutionally, we provide invaluable services for our public and private corporate clients by informing them of strategic Merger & Acquisition Opportunities. Through our network of domestic and foreign business owners, associates, intermediaries, and executives we maintain a large seller and buyer database. This enables us to deliver to our institutional "buying" clients those attractive opportunities that fit the custom parameters they are looking for.

Key strategic or financial acquisitions can be  an integral part of a clients business plan. Sometimes these are the foundation for broadening

a market base, strengthening business through integration of vertical market and/or a platform for entering a new market.  Our ability to understand a client's needs enables us to find the right opportunities for them.

Our deal flow of seller and acquisition opportunities is extensive. We can assist clients in locating suitable candidates for acquisition; in the United States or Abroad. We can custom design a search to meet your specific needs. Our focused search covers the industry sectors, geographical areas, and any other criteria you may specify. We also can assist our clients in finding the right EB-5 Investment Green Card Opportunities.

Institutional and Individual Lending Partners
We have a large corporate funding practice of providing all the many stages of corporate business funding. The types of loan options we

offer are listed near the top of the page under the bolded "Services Offered" section. Many of the larger types of funding are usually from our institutional clients or foreign lenders. Lending opportunities are tailored to the lenders preferences as far as types, funding levels, time horizons, and the borrowing businesses credentials. If you are interested in becoming a lending partner call Darrell Jones at our contact number below.

Real Estate Project Financing

​Business Angel Investors

​Mezzanine Financing

​Acquisition Financing

​Later Stage Financing

Private Placement Memorandum

​General Financing

EB-5 Project Financing

​E-2 Investor Visa's


We have numerous business interest here in the United states that have changing diverse types of financial needs ranging from various types of financing to the need for full equity partners. Investment Partners of America pair these business owners with investors  who have common goals, values, and business interest. IPOA can provide competative funding for all stages of funding. We provide small to medium sized businesses with a complete source of "out of the box" funding from institutions, business owners, and wealthy individuals from all over the world. As an added function we can also assist our partners with attaining an ​EB-5 Visa or a E-2 Visa through the various USCIS visa investor programs. See